London Drainage

Atlantic Plumbing & Heating install all types of drainage (Below or above ground) including rain water harvesting systems and soakaways.

We all know how unpleasant a blocked drain can be and with this in mind we always emphasize the importance of the appropriate installation of soil and vent systems for each individual situation.

Typically, a well designed and installed system will never ever block up. If you have unfortunately inherited a defective drain, or you haven’t had Atlantic carry out the installation, we are always happy to solve your problems, be they short term or long term.

We are also specialists in re-lining problematic drains, an effective cost saving and less disruptive solution to ongoing drain problems.

For courteous service carried out by our qualified drainage technicians call us at 0207 736 0303 where our friendly and knowledgeable office staff will be happy to book you in as quickly as possible.

“You can call, we can help.”                     Ph: 020 7736 0303


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