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Handy Tips

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
1.   handy-tips Locate and label the stop-valve on the incoming water mains supply main.  
2.    Locate and label all stop-valves and check them periodically.
3.    Know the location of drain off valves to empty water and central heating systems once the source of heat has been turned off.
4.    See that all exposed pipes and storage systems are properly insulated.
5.    In very cold weather take care to prevent water pipes from becoming frozen. E.g., if the storage cistern is located in a roof space, opening the hatch allows heat from the house to keep the cistern from freezing. This may proof useful if you are going on holiday.
6.    Inspect your water tank regularly to make sure it is in sound condition. Call us at the first sign of any problems.
7.    Also check the state of flexible hose pipes to plumbed-in domestic appliances at regular intervals.
8.    Dripping taps and leaking ball valves indicate your plumbing system requires maintenance. Please call us before they become major problems.
9.    Have boilers and other heating appliances serviced regularly. See our maintenance schedule for Landlord safety Certification and Boiler Service Options.
10.    Keep our address and telephone number handy. We are always only a phone call away - 24/7
11.    Ensure all hot water and heating is on timed to cut down on running costs.
12.    Bleeding radiators of air will increase efficiency and prolong a systems lifespan
13.    Flush out heating systems at a minimum interval of once every 3 years as per boiler manufacturers recommendations.
14.    Never have tiling work carried out by handymen – this is a total false economy. Ask for guarantees.
15.    Always use Gas Safe engineers on gas work – Never attempt to work on gas appliances yourself. It won’t save you money and it could cost you your life.
16.    Don’t put baby wipes down drains
17.    If you have a very old plumbing and heating system, and when going away on holidays, always have somebody check you home periodically – or alternatively switch off all stopcocks and drain down storage tanks.
18.    Make sure you stay Gas Safe when you are on holiday
19.    Lastly, call Atlantic if you need help, it’s as simple as that!
Emergency Service Available call 020 7736 0303 for a prompt response from our London plumbers.
Thursday, 04 November 2010 12:01

Energy Efficiency

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gsreg_logo_regBoilers account for around 60% of the carbon dioxide emissions in a gas heated home. By replacing an old G rated boiler with a new high efficiency condensing boiler and improving your heating controls, you will significantly cut your home's carbon dioxide emissions and could save as much as £225 a year. If you are a senior citizen ask Atlantic how we can save you money on installation costs.

The current lifespan of a boiler is around 12 years and fitting an A rated high efficiency condensing boiler with the correct heating and hot water controls can make a huge difference to your heating bills over time.
What is a high efficiency condensing boiler?

A high efficiency condensing boiler works on the principle of recovering as much as possible of the waste heat which is normally wasted from the flue of a conventional (non-condensing) boiler. High efficiency condensing boilers convert 86% or more of their fuel into heat, compared to 65% for old G rated boilers.

Is my boiler a high efficiency condensing boiler?
If your boiler is an A-rated boiler according to SEDBUK ratings then it is a high efficiency condensing boiler.
How do I buy a high efficiency condensing boiler?
Please feel free to contact Atlantic Plumbing & Heating where one of our helpful staff will be happy to give you advise 020 7736 0303

Heating controls
Heating controls will keep your home at a comfortable temperature, making it warm when you want it but switching off when you don't. They include: a programmer, a room thermostat, a combined programmable room thermostat, a cylinder thermostat and Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs).

Frequently asked questionsiphe-logo1

So, how much energy and money could I really save with a better home heating system?
By fitting a condensing boiler and improving your heating controls you could save up to £225 a year and 1.1 tonnes of CO2 .

Is a combination condensing boiler more efficient than a regular condensing boiler?
A combination boiler can be more efficient because of the way it supplies hot water to your home. Other types of boilers produce hot water and then store it in a cylinder for use as and when it is needed. This is quite an efficient process - but if the hot water is not used before it cools down, then inevitably some heat will be wasted.
Combination boilers are most suitable for smaller homes but can also suitable for larger homes depending on your hot water requirements. Atantic can advise you which type would suit your home best.

Are condensing boilers overcomplicated and unreliable?
In a word no. The main difference between non-condensing boilers and condensing boilers is the design of the larger heat exchanger in the latter. Another difference is the condensing process itself: when the flue gases cool, water condenses inside the boiler and needs to be drained away. But this shouldn't cause any problems if the boiler is fitted properly by a registered company such as Atlantic Plumbing & Heating.

I want to replace my old boiler. How do I know what size of new boiler to get?
The type and size of your new boiler will depend on a range of factors like the size of your property, how  well it is insulated, and the type of fuel and heating system you use to heat your home.
Again, Atlantic engineers will be able to advise you on the type and size of boiler best suited to your home.

How often should I get my boiler serviced?
It's important to have any gas or oil fired appliance like a boiler serviced once a year. The flue will need checking to make sure it is clear, and our engineers will also check that your boiler is running safely and efficiently for you.
It's best to check with your manufacturer about service schedules: as some boilers may need servicing more than others.

How can I make my central heating system more efficient without spending lots of money?
Your first step should be to make sure you are using your heating controls correctly. Review your boiler thermostat, cylinder thermostat, time programmer and thermostatic radiator valve settings and re-set them to match your needs more closely in terms of timing and comfort. Also keep the system clean – see our power flush section.

Control individual room temperatures with thermostatic radiator valves


If you have radiators, make sure that they are not blocked by furniture or curtains. Any obstructions will stop air flowing freely around the radiators - and so reduce their overall efficiency. Fit reflective insulation panel boards on the wall behind the radiators, especially if it's an outside wall. Rigid reflective radiator panels are an ideal solution if you don't want to take your radiators off the walls.

Also, try insulating your pipes in unheated parts of your home like the loft. Insulation material for a standard 15mm pipe costs around £1.50 per metre and will reduce heat loss. Fit a jacket, 3 inches or 75mm thick, to your hot water cylinder too if it isn't already insulated. Jackets cost around £12 and could save you around £35 a year.

Getting your boiler serviced once a year will make sure it continues to work as efficiently as possible.

I don't get consistent heat throughout my radiators. What can I do to fix this?
Air can stop water from reaching all parts of the radiator and decrease its effectiveness. A radiator that needs bleeding will not be as warm as other radiators, and it's heat will be concentrated at the bottom. The heating system should be switched off when you bleed radiators to stop more air from entering the system. Hold a tea towel underneath the radiator key and open the valve very slowly as dirty water can spray out.

Energy Efficiency Bands
SEDBUK efficiencies are expressed as a percentage, and an A to G scale of percentage bands was also in use until October 2010. This has been withdrawn to avoid confusion with the proposed European energy label using similar ratings based on different principles. The meaning of the SEDBUK bands was as follows:


Thursday, 04 November 2010 11:58

Customer Advice

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Atlantic Plumbing and Heating are experts in the installation of all plumbing, heating and drainage systems. Moreover the company regularly designs unique systems for experienced and qualified tradesmen, designers, architects and most importantly, our own private clients, for whom Atlantic carries out the installation directly.

customer-adviceIn our view, the most significant step anyone should take prior to commencement of any works is seeking expert plumbing advice. Phone a few companies and get a feel for which one offers you valuable and knowledgeable advice. Secondly, always ensure when obtaining quotes, that you compare apples with apples. A well designed system may take more time to install, initially costing more money but this thoroughness will save you money in the long term. Though you should always have an itemized quote knowing what you are paying for.    

Good advice is absolutely priceless!

Sound and expert plumbing advice and design along with expert and sound installation guarantees you and future occupants of your home will enjoy a system that provides many years of simple to use, efficient and reliable service. A well designed and installed system economizes on running and maintenance costs.  

Our experience more often than not typically reveals problematic systems that have been poorly designed rather than poorly installed. Due to the many complexities in this field, along with the various systems available to choose from in the UK, customers unfortunately do not always benefit from the expert plumbing advice and design that Atlantic certainly can provide. Too often trusting consumers are let down by the disingenuous and even bona fide tradesmen, simply unaware of the technical and product advantages available in today’s fast moving market. In either event consumers do not receive the value for money that they rightly should expect and definitely receive.

In summary: Clearly there are many decisions to make and important information and useful facts to consider prior to carrying out any work - be it for home or office. Atlantic strives to design and install quality plumbing, heating and drainage systems. We all know that spending money on a plumbing and heating system does not have the same appeal as purchasing a luxury bathroom or a modernized kitchen say, but at Atlantic we want our customers to genuinely feel they have received true value for money and that they then enjoy and appreciate the short and long-term benefits of a job well done.

This is Atlantic’s goal and it begins by ensuring all Atlantic’s clients are made aware of the quality and benefits they will receive by choosing Atlantic Plumbing and Heating.  

So why not make your first step towards becoming a satisfied Atlantic client by calling our friendly staff at 0207 736 0303 who will be delighted to set up a mutually convenient time to arrange an on site visit.

You can call . . . we can help.

Atlantic Plumbing and Heating: practicing progressive thinking with traditional values.

Tuesday, 02 November 2010 16:09

Gas Safe Information

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Be Gas Safe at home. Understand the risks of dangerous gas work and only use a Gas Safe registered engineer

We take it for granted that our boilers, cookers and gas fires are safe. It is only when there is a problem with an appliance that many people take any notice of it at all.

gas-safe-infoWhat are the gas safety risks of dangerous gas work?
Dangerous gas work can be deadly.  Badly fitted and poorly serviced appliances can cause the following gas safety risks:
  1. gas leaks
  2. fires
  3. explosions
  4. carbon monoxide poisoning

Top tips for gas safety

1.Only use a Gas Safe Registered Engineer to fit, fix or service your gas appliances, including your:
       o gas boiler
       o gas fire, gas cooker or hob
       o  central heating system, radiators or your hot water system, if they are connected to either a Natural Gas or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) supply
2. Always check the engineer’s Gas safe Register ID card. All Gas Safe registered engineers carry a Gas Safe Register ID card, with their own unique licence number, showing the type of work they are qualified to do.
3. Get your appliances regularly serviced and safety checked every year, or in accordance with your manufacturer's guidelines, by a Gas safe registered engineer.

Your Gas Safe registered engineer will carry out tests and checks to establish your appliances are operating safely.  Where an appliance or pipework has been installed in an unsafe way, or is operating unsafely and the engineer can not rectify the situation immediately, they will follow the guidance outlined in the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure (GIUSP) to make the installation safe.  This is the industry accepted document for guiding engineers on dealing with unsafe situations.

4. Fit an audible carbon monoxide alarm.  An alarm will alert you to the presence of the poisonous gas carbon monoxide, produced by unsafe gas appliances.  Make sure you know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.
5. If you think there might be a gas leak or notice any signs of carbon monoxide, act fast and follow our advice for Emergency Gas Leak.

gsreg_logo_regMake sure that your new home is gas safe

Homebuyers cannot always be sure when the gas appliances in their new home were last safety checked and serviced.

Ask your vendor for an annual gas safety record which shows that a Gas Safe registered engineer has checked the gas appliances.
If your vendor cannot supply an up to date annual gas safety record, you should get a Gas Safe registered engineer to check the gas appliances before you move in. This check should include the gas boiler, oven, hob and gas fires. The registered engineer will give the vendor a gas safety record which they should handover to you before you move in. See Atlantic’s “Pre-Purchase Gas Safety Check” under Surveys


Better Gas Safe than sorry - at home and away

Poorly maintained or badly fitted gas appliances can put you at risk from gas leaks, explosions, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

When you go away, whether staying in a B&B, villa, chalet, hotel, caravan or boat, you might be more vulnerable than in your own home. You don’t always know how often the gas appliances in your accommodation have been safety checked or serviced or if it’s been done by someone qualified.  iphe-logo1

Badly fitted and poorly maintained gas cookers, boilers and fires can cause gas leaks, explosions, fires, and carbon monoxide poisoning  - which can kill.
Gas safety regulations vary across the world. Gas Safe Register recommends that anyone taking a trip away follows simple gas safety precautions, and we would recommend you checking their website for tips on staying safe

Knowing what signs to look out for could save your life!

Wednesday, 04 August 2010 15:55

Seniors Discount

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Seniors_Discount“Thumbs Up For Atlantic”

All seniors - 65 and over - commissioning work via our website are eligible to receive a 15% discount on all labour costs for the full complement of Atlantic Plumbing and Heating services. This discount offer must be requested at the time of placing an order for Atlantic Plumbing & Heating services, so please, don't forget to request your discount when first contacting our office via email or phoning 0207 736 0303



In addition to the full complement of plumbing & heating services, Atlantic Plumbing and Heating also provides the following:

  • Building Works (including extensions)  
  • Flat Roofing
  • Plastering
  • Carpentry Work
  • Electrical Work     
    All Types of Tiling
  • Wet Room Installation
  • Painting and Decorating

15% discount for all seniors aged 65 and over

(Offer cannot be combined with any other Atlantic promotion or discount.)

“You can call, we can help.”                     Ph: 020 7736 0303

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